Just Bee Big Wall Clock with Pendulum


Hand painted detail with Just Bee print on a wooden wall clock with a working pendulum

· 18 inches tall including the roof peak and pendulum, 9.5 inches wide /2 inches deep.

· runs on 2 AA batteries

· hand built wood

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While the honey bee is a precious force of nature, there is a zen twist to my painting in this subtle wish; “Just Bee”.
The main bee image with winter pansies is an archival print decoupaged upon the wooden clock. My husband hand builds the wooden clocks and I add hand-painted details enhancing the main image- on the front and sides. The pendulum has a detail image of a little pansy tucked into a bottlecap on it. Or you can ask for a sun image or heart)
The wooden clock is about 15 inches tall, 9.5 inches wide and two inches deep- the pendulum hangs down about 3 more inches and swings. These clocks perk up a room and fit in any decor.
A nice way to recall just how precious time is.

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