Color Illustrations

Dana Simson’s color illustrations have been published in picturebooks, editorial illustrations, magazine covers and books through Andrews and McMeel, the Book Company, Cedco and Sourdough Publishing. Her imagery has been licensed for giftcard lines: Portal Publishing, Leanin Tree and Calendars; Avalanche Calendars, Chesapeake East Company and Cedco publishing. Colorbok created a scrapbooking line. Her illustrations and patterns have been used on many blank journals, notebooks, address books and photo albums. Dana is happy to work with companies to license her artwork. Give our studio a call for more information. 410.603.0531.

View Dana’s Color Illustrations here.

Black & White Illustrations

Dana Simson’s black and white illustrations and comics have been published in magazines, books and newspapers. Her weekly comics strip Sir Fur Dog ran for years in the Baltimore Sun and “Inklings” was featured in the Ithaca Times. She was the cover artist for the monthly American Demographics Magazine for several years and Chesapeake East Calendar Guide for 5 years. The illustrations featured below are all from 2017 -2021. They appear in published books or in books currently under consideration written and illustrated by Dana.

View Dana’s Black & White Illustrations here.

Juvenile Illustrations

Dana Simson’s juvenile illustrations have been published in scrapbooking supplies, fabric, board books, popup books and a baby’s first five years journal. Her pop-up book Dreamland, We bloom, and Baby’s first Five Years were top sellers in their launch years. While Dana does enjoy illustrating children and people, she frequently uses animals as characters as they are not race or gender specific. Who can’t relate with a rotund rabbit running in a raincoat?
View Dana’s Juvenile Illustrations here.