Find a treasure trove of up-lifting decor, handmade ceramics, fine art work, unique treats and memorable gifts designed by artist Dana Simson. 

Colorful cheer from our island studio in Maryland.

Dana creates each ceramic piece through a variety of techniques; from hand building, carving, pressing or sculpting clay, firing to bisque and then hand painting each piece. While some designs are recreated each individual piece will be different and unique. Our top quality wedding bowls and platters are handmade in Italy. All of our dinnerware is food safe.

Archival prints reproduced from Dana’s original paintings are used in her jewelry, ornament, stationary, carart, and clock designs. Prints may be purchased framed or unframed.

custom work & commissions

We are always happy to work with our customers. A piece made uniquely for you or those you love is extra special. Dana’s work is in many private collections, museums, and has been featured in magazines, television shows and in movies including “Titanic.”

Showing 1–12 of 161 results

Showing 1–12 of 161 results