Big Fish Ceramic Wall Sculpture


Fish maybe commissioned in a color and content range

Fish are 18-20 inches long and approximately 6.5 wide.

Built from clay slab, imprinted, glazed & painted-each is unique

Hanging wire on back


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I make each ceramic wall fish by rolling out a slab of clay, cutting out a fish shape freehand and then imprinting it with various handmade clay stamps, fabric and other items. The fish is dried, fired to bisque and then treated as a painting- with the addition of glazes, a second firing and lastly metal foils, paint beads and a hanging wire. Choose from Geometric shapes Zipper fish or Seashore detailed (imprints of fish, crabs or turtles) fish. Specify colors you wish to be included.

As they are really just a big tile, your fish may live in the shower, above a door inside or outside or anywhere you would like.


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