Heart Lookinglass Ornament


Double-sided soldered glass ornament

Heart image on one side, Egrets with no regrets image

3” x 3” image area

twisted wire handle

glass bead detail.

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The bloom together heart is backed by two egrets with no regrets. The heart ornament may also be made with a custom back to commemorate a wedding or anniversary.

I was visiting a dear friend when I noticed sticky notes tucked on mirrors, door frames and other spots thruout her home with uplifting phrases and quotes. There are days when you do benefit from recalling a few words that warm your heart. I thought it would be neat to make the doublesided glass ornaments with positive images and phrases that can easily hang anywhere and look lovely.

Every ornament is slightly unique thru my combination of paints, patterned papers and imagery. Each is handcrafted; sandwiching two archival prints of my images between beveled glass, securing these with copper foil and soldering it all together, with the addition of glass beads and a hand-twisted wire handle. They make a touching gift in good times or challenging ones.

3”x3” double-sided hanging glass ornament with a glass bead detail

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 1 × 7 in


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