Just Bee Pendant Necklace


Handcrafted jewelry; Double sided pendant: The Bee image is backed with the quote: “Just Bee,”  between two 1. x1. inch pieces of beveled glass. Each has a silver eighteen inch chain and glass bead detail. It is packaged in a little silk bag with a “Lookinglass” card.

(bead colors vary-but always compliment image)

Dimensions: 1.×1.” image area, with 18” chain

weight: 1lb

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 Our Just Bee pendant contains a special message. I created the painting and concept for my Just Bee design after hearing about the of the plight of  bees, especially here in America where pesticides are impacting their populations. Bees are so important to maintaining our food supply I felt it was important to honor them. The phrase “Just Bee” has the double meaning of acceptance of being and a nod to our honey bee friends. “Just Bee” is one of my most popular designs and is available in ceramic, clocks, car art stickers or a print of the original painting.Sometimes you have to “Just Bee.” My bee image is backed with the winter pansies image with the script “Just Bee”. I use paints and handmade paper behind the images to create depth and a mini collage.

Each Just Bee pendant contains a special message.

When you give or wear the Just Bee pendant, somehow  there is a feeling of centering and optimism offered. I believe it is because deep down we each understand truly precious nature of the gifts bees extend to us. They pollinate flowers and trees that would not be able to seed without them. Bees make honey, a golden sweetness full of health for both their hives food source and other animals like us that help themselves to a share. Bees devote themselves to the needs of others. Maybe this is their greatest gift.

The inspiration for my lookinglass line comes from a Buddhist icon necklace brought back to me from Indonesia by a friend. I loved the two sided box design and notion of jewelry containing an added level of significance. Every pendant is slightly unique thru my combination of paints, patterned papers, beads and imagery. Lookinglass jewelry is handcrafted; sandwiching two archival prints of my images between beveled glass, securing these with copper foil and soldering it all together. The two sides gives the wearer a choice of imagery to face outward or for images backed with text- it is nice to hold that saying close to your heart.

The Just Bee Pendant is 1″x1″ smaller size, comes with a 18″ silver chain and is packaged in a little silk bag with a “Lookinglass” card.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 1 × 4 in


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