Bee & Rose Coffee Scoop


I created hand crafted stamps to press designs into my elaborate, decorative but always USEFUL  Art Spoons. The coffee scoop is essentially a half cup. So measure what you will. These collectable spoons are excellent gifts- imagine a fabulously rich bag of beans with one of these scoops will overwhelm any coffee devotee with pure rapture! That is worth seeing!
Others, even tea drinkers will be intrigued with one of our artful spoons and wish to scoop up random grains. Egg them on. It is therapy.

Coffee scoops are 7 inches by 2.5 with a hand twisted clay rose and a richly patterned surface. A small rather pleasant bee is stamped in the 1/2 cup scoop area. Comes with a lovely label in it’s own hand sewn bag.


Our handmade Bee & Rose Coffee Scoop is about 7 inches by 3,” in colorful ceramic. I sculpt a hand twisted clay rose and create a richly patterned surface. A small rather pleasant bee is stamped in the 1/2 cup scoop area. Our line of decorative coffee scoops are the easiest way to start the day right. No more stumbling about pouring too much or too little out of the bag. One good scoop makes the pot just perfect to get you going in a good direction. Cheerful decor for all! The garden motif makes this an extra special gift for gardeners and nature lovers. There is also a crab shaped coffee scoop!

The Bee & Rose Coffee Scoop is a basic half cup folk art kitchen tool.

I make each coffee scoop from slabs of clay that I cut to size. Next I imprint the handles and cup area by pressing in stamps I made into the soft clay. I shape each one, dry it to fire to bisque. After it cools I hand paint all the detail of the scoops. Each one truly is a piece of functional folk art. There is a hole in the handle so you may hang your scoop on the wall for display. Every scoop is a handmade by me in my studio on the Eastern shore of Maryland.

Visit our Gallery/ gift store on the Wicomico River in Salisbury, MD full of original paintings, prints, handmade jewelry and gifts by Dana. There is also always something new to discover in unique finds, “green products” or fair trade items. It is a renovated hotel – now with 4 artfully decorated lofts upstairs available to rent. (Loft Links: Grande Luxe / Chic Sunny / Retro Loft  / Spacious& Gracious)Downstairs is yummy Riverwalk Cafe and the Ugly Pie Bakery. Well worth a road trip!



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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 8 in


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