coffee scoops

Coffee Scoops and art spoons are hand sculpted out of slabs of clay. I decorate each by using handmade stamps to detail each handle and bowl. After firing, paint is added for delightful color. Coffee scoops measure out just the right amount for a pot of coffee.

Coffee scoops! The best products I come up with are the ones that we need.

If you are not truly awake in the morning; a coffee scoop is an easy way to insure the coffee is drinkable. Coffee scoops are inspired by ornate folk art tools that function beautifully as well as a treat to look at. The back of each scoop is as detailed as the front. A hole at the base of each handle allows them to be both a decorative kitchen, plus easy to find when you stumble down in the morning. Coffee scoops are a great gifts for foodies.  Food safe and alway useful in any kitchen.

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