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French Barrettes; Artfully handmade ceramic

handmade french barrettes in ceramic

Honey bee french barrette handmade ceramic

 French Barrettes are my newest obsession! Fun, functional and great gifts for your gal friends! Each one is as individual as they are.

birds hair clip on Beverly

Our handcrafted ceramic hair clips and barrettes are backed with a sturdy clasp to secure your tresses made in France. Choose styles combining clips in floral, retro stars or birdies (2 per order) or french barrettes: blue bird, bee, fish, crab or floral. Color is incised in the pattern accenting each detail.  Tuck up those loose locks artfully. These are wonderful gifts, but trust me, if you do keep one for yourself, it will become your go to-to doll up your do. Get 5 for $50 and save 10$

blue crab barrette

Pressed & painted  French Barrettes

I made a series of stamps by incising, adding bits and carving clay to make a reverse image. These come in handy as I cut out each barrette, pressing it into different clay reliefs that I have used for other projects. Next I use my smaller stamps to further detail each rectangle of clay. The edges must be smoothed, before I place each carefully over a dowel, weighing down either edge so a gentle curve is created. Each ceramic art barrette must fit the metal structure of the sturdy clip made in France.

After firing to bisque, so the clay hardens to a durable material, I begin the coloring process. The raised relief and incised areas will add interest to the surface of the barrette as the glazes flow. I use a mix of under glazes which do not flow, staying where they are placed and flow glazes. The flow glazes accent the hills and valleys of the pattern.

bee french barrette in hair

I employ my ceramic hair clips barrette nearly every other day. If I just want gather my thick hair in a pony tail or just gather a few wisps to keep hair from falling in my face, it does both perfectly. The metal french clips are very well made. Feel free to give your barrette a work out. I make them to last.

Each barrette will vary a bit in size colors and patterning as I make them each individually. They average about 1.2 to 2″ long by 1.5 wide(clips) or barrettes; 2.5-3″ x 1.25″. Each comes with a nice tag and is signed by me:).

rosebud clips inserted into braid

There are plenty of french barrettes to choose from here at Chesapeake East! Hope to see you one day soon.

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