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Maryland asks Please drive gently

maryland highway sign to please drive gently

There is a Maryland highway sign that welcomes you and asks you to please drive gently. When we moved to the Eastern Shore of Maryland 30 plus years ago- we were greatly and derisively amused by the “Welcome to Maryland . please drive gently” sign. Coming from the drive aggressively or be flattened mean streets of NYC, the sign struck us as quaint at the least. After living out in Frenchtown, Maryland or 6 months or so and waving to our few neighbors as we passed on the road, (If you didn’t they would think you were upset with them)we returned to NYC to see some friends. Our driving habits had mellowed and my hand flew up by habit to wave at another car. The driver looked astounded, then mistrustful cursing us, then perplexed careening into our lane. Needless to say I slowed down let him swerve ahead. Driving gently- on the road and in life, a nice way to roll.

SEED; spread empathy each day.

I am working on a book with my imagery and stories on empathy. How to grow it within yourself and spread this feeling to those around you. In this manner maybe the current culture of mistrust and aggressive behavior can begin to be modified.

dragonfly serving bowl

I find that by finding empathy for the smallest creatures around us- my heart opens for all. Dragonflies are a special delight as they whirl around our garden and yard here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Not only do they eat mosquitoes – they are lovely and gentle. One will land on your shoulder like a reassuring hand. I spend quite a bit of time fishing them out of the pool and placing them on a leaf to dry out.

I guess this notion of “driving gently” has become the way I operate in general. It brings peace within to treat the world gently. If many more of us would “drive gently” just think of the world peace it might inspire.

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