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Parenting with Empathy; Being a Parent being a Kid Art print "Spade foot toad and Tad" parenting mom and tad-pole.

This is an article about parenting through empathy. Take time to try and recall how you felt as a child in certain situations. Next, work to apply this mindfulness to your parenting practice. Learning good parenting is a life long journey with room for success as well as failures. It is tough to be a parent. I find myself constantly trying to recall how I felt at certain ages, so I might be helpful but not offend. It is easier sometimes to not speak up, but usually important and loving to do so. “The parenting police will get me if I don’t tell you!” I explain, or “The Mom Book of; teach your children well” means I know it won’t make for a happy moment but I would not be doing my job if I remain silent.
Good parenting notions may be applied on a larger scale these days in the School of Right, Wrong and Slipping down a Slippery Slope. As the outside world grow more negative, it is important to try to be more positive. In summary when parenting, we teach others through our actions. We should always try to be our better selves. One way to stay to attain this goal is to be mindful by putting yourself in the shoes of another.

The Art of Parenting

My life inspires the art I create. The above Mama Spadefoot Toad and Tad; is a prime example. It is frightening to dig in the garden in early spring before the Spadefoot Toads have gotten out of bed. I roused one up with my trowel. Mortified, I lifted her gently to inspect her for any damage. She hung in my fingers, regarding me with her calm bottomless eyes. Who could not fall in love? Her tiny hands were too lovely. I had to paint her and place something wonderful in her arms. Most all nature’s critters become parents at some point. Each family does their best to survive and thrive. As parents, we fall in love with our children and live to protect them through our actions and words. If only they could hear us through the same life experience with which we speak to them.


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