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acknowledgement feeds love

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Love is symmetrical. Love the earth and she will love you in return.

Acknowledgement of others is a powerful way to strengthen relationships and increase fulfillment in life. The power of acknowledgement is vast and easy to set in motion. We all work hard toward what it is we need or want to achieve. Some days it is easy to get wrapped up in the general annoyance of feeling under-appreciated and over put upon. Take a mental step back and look at those around you- family members, coworkers, friends or complete strangers; each with their individual mountain to climb. An unsolicited word of acknowledgement may lighten the weight of their steps forward. Oddly you also may feel lifted as well.

The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated. –William James

Here are the top ten ways you can acknowledge someone that deserves praise and will benefit from hearing it:

  1. Tuck a note of acknowledgement into their lunch or leave it on their desk.
  2. Stop what you are doing and totally focus on the person you wish to acknowledge.
  3. Send a hand written note or select a lovely card and include a message.
  4. Send a quick heartfelt email of appreciation.
  5. Praise someone for a job well done, especially nice for those you don’t know.
  6. A friendly wave and greeting to a stranger sends a burst of warmth their way.
  7. Look for the positive things people do so you can acknowledge and encourage them.
  8. Send a random text- to let someone know how much you appreciate them.
  9. Take a minute to let a manager know when an employee does a good job.
  10. Acknowledge people who are doing a good job – like a teacher or policemen.

    The written word is still treasured and carries greater personal wishes then an email. Each of my gift cards comes with a beautiful translucent vellum envelope. The US mail is old-school but the excitement of a hand written card from a friend is a true gift these days. One you can tuck away and pull out later to revisit.

A Valentine for the Earth

Come Together . handbook to retool for the future joyfully guides you through easy change for the better. 172 pages- get a copy and share it. This is a book to start a movement- empowering each of us to choose daily action and invention to live sustainabily. We are the problem. We are also the solution.

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Custom Wedding Ceramic Bowls & Platters Hand painted custom wedding large blue and white happy nest platter with birds and floral.

Custom Wedding Ceramic Bowls & Platters are gifts that will not only delight the bride and groom, they will be handed down through the family for generations to come. My hand painted designs reflect wishes for a long happy life together. The designs are intricate and colorful. I paint the Bride and Groom’s name on the bottom with their wedding date. You may also request other personalization, such as for anniversary, retirement, new home or as a recognition reward.

Choose from three lovely designs in Custom Wedding Ceramic

Three  beautiful designs to choose from give you nice options. I am also happy to do something special with unique colors or design.

Long Love is a well tended Garden is our most popular pattern. This phrase is written on the inside of the bowl or back of the 15 inch platter. The colors are jewel tones of aqua, greens, brown and periwinkle blue. A garden of flowers (Bachelor buttons and roses ring the outside) Available in the deep salad bowl, a 15 inch oval platter, wedding goblets or large platter.  

Wishing you Happy Nest is a favorite choice for new families. The crisp blue and white pattern is timeless. You may order it in the deep salad bowl, a 15 inch oval platter, wedding goblets or large platter. (about 22 inches across by 14 inches wide and 2.5 inches deep.) All our dinnerware is Food safe.

Best Fishes has a seashore theme and is painted in blues. I paint two fish swimming toward each other with a turtle or blue crab in the center. I have featured a Chesapeake Bay theme above. This design is also available in the platters and goblets.

Choose a complimentary Gift Card from my designs. There is a Happy Nest card, along with a “bloom together” heart card and other wedding or anniversary appropriate cards.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for custom orders. However if you need one sooner, we do try to keep some finished un-customized ones in our store that we can ship that out in a few days.

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Parenting with Empathy; Being a Parent being a Kid Art print "Spade foot toad and Tad" parenting mom and tad-pole.

This is an article about parenting through empathy. Take time to try and recall how you felt as a child in certain situations. Next, work to apply this mindfulness to your parenting practice. Learning good parenting is a life long journey with room for success as well as failures. It is tough to be a parent. I find myself constantly trying to recall how I felt at certain ages, so I might be helpful but not offend. It is easier sometimes to not speak up, but usually important and loving to do so. “The parenting police will get me if I don’t tell you!” I explain, or “The Mom Book of; teach your children well” means I know it won’t make for a happy moment but I would not be doing my job if I remain silent.
Good parenting notions may be applied on a larger scale these days in the School of Right, Wrong and Slipping down a Slippery Slope. As the outside world grow more negative, it is important to try to be more positive. In summary when parenting, we teach others through our actions. We should always try to be our better selves. One way to stay to attain this goal is to be mindful by putting yourself in the shoes of another.

The Art of Parenting

My life inspires the art I create. The above Mama Spadefoot Toad and Tad; is a prime example. It is frightening to dig in the garden in early spring before the Spadefoot Toads have gotten out of bed. I roused one up with my trowel. Mortified, I lifted her gently to inspect her for any damage. She hung in my fingers, regarding me with her calm bottomless eyes. Who could not fall in love? Her tiny hands were too lovely. I had to paint her and place something wonderful in her arms. Most all nature’s critters become parents at some point. Each family does their best to survive and thrive. As parents, we fall in love with our children and live to protect them through our actions and words. If only they could hear us through the same life experience with which we speak to them.


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