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when you need a BURST of ART

bone daddy sculpture

It is dreary. It is cold. We need some joy. In the deep slog of winter topped with a pandemic, I send you a burst of art. It is a slap of color into your cheeks. A pop in your instep. A neat shot of something else. Yes, my friends it is a Bone Daddy. Indeed the last of it’s kind. This benign beast has waited patiently for many years for me to finish him, rainbow his hide and breathe him full of ready.

side view

This fine pet is extremely neat, keeps his bones in a mouth drawer and never interupts you mid-sentence. You do not have to feed it stinky cans of odd textured food titled sludge or carry tiny plastic bags in your pocket should you go out for a walk together. You do need to bestow a name on this cat sized friend. Otherwise how will he know when you want an answer from him? Only 1 in the world. contact me to give the bone daddy a shelf to nap on. $350. 13x10x9……… SOLD thank you Beverly!

These were in a dusty corner of the studio…

in my dreams we fly
the very last
in my dreams we fly vase

In My Dreams We Fly … Joni Mitchel said that. It always stuck with me and found it’s way out into this design that we used to sell about 20 years ago. The vase is hand built and pressed into a relief I created. It was great fun to revisit this design with a totally new approach for a one of a kind/ last of its kind. 9x10x4 $225.00……… SOLD thank you Peggy!

fez man blooms

One Fez man vase left and it demanded all the glory I could muster. This was always one of my favorite designs. I had hand sculted the first one, then John built a large mold that requires a football team to lift and pour out. In a fit of wild stuff editing, John and I broke all the molds one afternoon.  13x7x6  $178.00

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