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Dana Interview on Sustainable Mind

My interview on Sustainable Mind with Marjorie Alexander has just gone live!  My book Come Together . handbook to retool for the future is available this month from Green Writers Press or here on my website. I am so pleased with the reviews I have been getting and I hope you will all give it a read- or listen to the podcast for a great overview of the book. Marjorie is a wonderful interviewer. Our chat was like a delightful walk in the woods with an old friend. She has a real talent for asking the right questions and smoothly guiding the conversation to keep the interview upbeat and engaging.  Below is a 1 minute snippet/ teaser to give you  taste of the podcast;

To listen to the podcast go to a Sustainable Mind interview #82

Below are a few reviews of my book- If you want to purchase 10 books or more we can give you a half price discount- These books are excellent resources for how to get beyond plastic, understanding what toxins are in commonly used products and their impact on your health, aquifers and the environment, and generally how to choose easy actions for the betterment of all. Come Together is an excellent premium for environmental or social action groups to raise funding. Email or call and I’ll get you what you need-

To purchase a copy as a gift for youself or the planet:) click here: It is time to Come Together!


“Come Together goes beyond tackling climate change with a call to build respectful community to honor all living things and earth​. It is truly a handbook for all of our futures.”

—Heidi Thompson, Sacred Soul Gathering of Women founder


“This is the book we should all be reading right now to empower each of us in the movement for bottom-up change.”

—Pamela South, facilitator of Green Engineers​


“Dana Simson is a super-creative person. In her new book, Come Together: Handbook to Retool for the Future, Simson will inspire you to take the task of saving the planet into your own hands. From gently coaching you through an easy way to give up your paper-towel dependency, to sharing practical pointers on how to converse with someone who holds a differing viewpoint, Simson’s pointers come from an authentic and lived perspective. This book may not make you a perfect citizen of the planet overnight, but it will certainly, and kindly, take you one step closer no matter where you started.”

—Joan Maloof, author of Teaching the Trees: Lessons from the Forests and Founder of the Old-Growth Forest Network

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