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Earth day everyday Handmade ceramic bird bowls in bright jewel tone colors.

Earth day should be everyday. My handmade ceramic bird bowl is inspired by our beautiful living earth. My latest projects are children’s books based in nature and the need to protect and nurture it. When I work in clay it is like using mother earths herself sculpted into vessels, fired and preserved as a tool to use daily.

A set of four different colored Bird Bowls looking down to see the daisy and vine design painted on each interior.

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Custom Wedding Ceramic Bowls & Platters Hand painted custom wedding large blue and white happy nest platter with birds and floral.

Custom Wedding Ceramic Bowls & Platters are gifts that will not only delight the bride and groom, they will be handed down through the family for generations to come. My hand painted designs reflect wishes for a long happy life together. The designs are intricate and colorful. I paint the Bride and Groom’s name on the bottom with their wedding date. You may also request other personalization, such as for anniversary, retirement, new home or as a recognition reward.

Choose from three lovely designs in Custom Wedding Ceramic

Three  beautiful designs to choose from give you nice options. I am also happy to do something special with unique colors or design.

Long Love is a well tended Garden is our most popular pattern. This phrase is written on the inside of the bowl or back of the 15 inch platter. The colors are jewel tones of aqua, greens, brown and periwinkle blue. A garden of flowers (Bachelor buttons and roses ring the outside) Available in the deep salad bowl, a 15 inch oval platter, wedding goblets or large platter.  

Wishing you Happy Nest is a favorite choice for new families. The crisp blue and white pattern is timeless. You may order it in the deep salad bowl, a 15 inch oval platter, wedding goblets or large platter. (about 22 inches across by 14 inches wide and 2.5 inches deep.) All our dinnerware is Food safe.

Best Fishes has a seashore theme and is painted in blues. I paint two fish swimming toward each other with a turtle or blue crab in the center. I have featured a Chesapeake Bay theme above. This design is also available in the platters and goblets.

Choose a complimentary Gift Card from my designs. There is a Happy Nest card, along with a “bloom together” heart card and other wedding or anniversary appropriate cards.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for custom orders. However if you need one sooner, we do try to keep some finished un-customized ones in our store that we can ship that out in a few days.

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Pre-Holiday DEAL!!!! Crab, turtle & frog raised image food safe ceramic.handmade ceramic spoon rests

honey bee spoon rest

Get a  FREE Handmade ceramic Spoon Rest when you spend $75 dollars on line or at our store on the corner of West Main and Lake Street, on the river in Salisbury Maryland. The store is bursting with great unique gifts! From bamboo or cotton FUN socks, thick knitted coats from Italy or lace dresses to our handmade ceramics and artwork. If you would rather choose a book then a spoon rest choose from 4 beautifully illustrated Legendbooks-or the famous Trumpzine. Dana will sign and personalize the books for you. The Trumpzine are a hot gift this year, because humor is always helpful.

10 designs of spoon rests to choose from!

You may have trouble choosing which one. Good news! They are $18.00 per or 2 for $30.00. Each spoon rest is handmade in ceramic are 5 inches, round with a notch for the spoon. A customer came in requesting a spoon rest and I thought, ” I need a spoon rest too!” My most appreciated and useful products are always those I need. The spoon rest line has grown as customers request new designs. I always love to hear your suggestions for new product.

Each one is made individually by me in my studio! I roll out clay and press it into reverse relief tiles I made from a master tile. This process is like making a print, but using clay rather then paper. Next, I press the butterfly garden relief into a shallow bowl form. If the spoon has gloop on it, that will stay in the bowl. I cut a notch for the handle of the spoon. The spoon rest dries and is fired to bisque. Afterward, I paint in the details with underglazes, adding the flow glaze that defines the back ground texture. Finally it is fired once more with clear coat that seals the clay body in a thin layer of glass. This guarantees it is food safe and durable.

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Kitchen Garden tile backsplash handmade custom decor Handmade custom Kitchen garden tiles in Jan's renovated kitchen.

Kitchen garden tiles in Jan's renovated kitchen.

Portfolio: Kitchen Garden tile backsplash. I created these tiles for my garden and beer making friends extraordinaire to scatter throughout their kitchen backsplash of plain pale gray tiles. The bursts of color, and clay relief of the individual tiles jolly up the room while keeping its sunlit pristine simplicity. They grow each of the crops in their garden and my friend Jan is a beekeeper- so the tiles have added significance for the family. She had purchased my kitchen garden painting and was inspired to reference it in the renovation of the kitchen in their country farmhouse. The kitchen is just lovely and will host many a wonderful party in style.

kitchen garden custom tiles behind the stove.

Jan requested each tile have individually sculpted raised imagery of the yummy produce she and her husband Jim grow in their extensive garden. From blackberries to tomatoes, asparagus to eggplant the tiles tell of Jan and Jim’s love of gardening. She also requested a sunshine- see centered tile above the stove and a Honey Bee. Both instrumental ingredients in any kitchen garden. The kitchen garden tiles are created to be installed with standard 4×4 tile.

Each custom job is geared to your wishes-We have done bathrooms, mantle surrounds, kitchens, stove and sink backsplashes, showers and custom table tops. Our tiles are handmade and decorated in our studio on Maddux Island on Maryland’s Eastern Shore in the USA.

kitchen garden tiles in corner with a ceramic bowl.

Pricing is based on quantity of tile and complexity of design. Measure the space in which you want to include handmade tile. You can scatter our handmade tiles throughout commercial tile or we have also done tile murals covering an entire wall. Give us a call at 410.603.0531. We will create a layout design and price quote. We ship nationwide.

If you are located near by, we have done many visiting artist projects involving students in creating a tile wall. (Ben’s Red Swing and numerous area Schools) We have also done handprinted murals. (Salisbury YMCA)

Visit our custom tile section at Chesapeake East and get inspired!

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